4 Surprising Signs You May Be an Alcoholic

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If you currently enjoy a glass of wine each day or relax after work with a beer, you may think this is normal behavior. However, you may be surprised how a daily habit can lead to a more involved addiction. A large portion of people abuse alcohol, desiring and requiring it in their daily lives. While shocking for some to learn, an estimated 17.6 million suffer with alcohol dependency or abuse. Many of these individuals did not even realize they had an issue with alcohol. If you drink alcohol, this guide on surprising signs may help you determine that you are suffering with alcoholism.

You Become Fearless

If you are normally shy, quiet, and reserved, you will most likely not want to try new things or become the center of attention. Alcohol can completely change your personality, since it lowers inhibitions.

If you become fearless and act out after consuming alcohol, you may have a problem. Here are a few dangerous acts you may participate in while drinking alcohol:

In addition, using alcohol to purposely become more fearless is a sign of a problem. If you are drinking alcohol to decrease your inhibitions or make you more outgoing in social situations, you are abusing alcohol.

You Can't Get Enough

Most individuals that have a few drinks occasionally will quickly feel the effects of the alcohol. These individuals will most likely stop after they begin experiencing the effects, since they do not want to lose control of their minds and bodies.

Alcoholics will want to drink until they are drunk. Of course, they will need more and more alcohol to feel its effects because alcoholics develop a resistance to the alcohol. If you tend to drink until you are drunk and need more and more to get you to this point, you should consider professional treatment for your addiction.  

You Lie About or Hide Alcohol

Your family, friends, and even doctors may say you drink an excessive amount of alcohol and you may have even dealt with criminal charges related to your drinking, but you could still deny that you have a problem. Denial is one of the most common issues that alcoholics face, but this denial could display itself in different ways.

Lying about your drinking or hiding alcohol is your subconscious admitting that you have a problem, but you are still in denial about the issue when approached by others. Once you stop lying and hiding your drinking, you can stop denying that you have a problem. After admitting you abuse alcohol, you can start treatment for your addiction.

You Have Had Withdrawal Symptoms

If you think you drink a lot, but do not feel you have an addiction, you may try to stop on your own. While this is possible in some cases, most alcoholics are unable to deal with the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal.

The symptoms of withdrawal may begin between 6 hours and one day after your last drink. Withdrawal occurs in these 3 stages, with each stage causing different symptoms:

Understanding the different signs of alcoholism is smart to ensure you realize you need help for your addiction. With this guide and the help from loved ones and professionals at rehab centers, you will realize you have an addiction and get the treatment you need for your alcoholism.